Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Article - Dating in the Workplace

Article Published on ReConnect Africa

Relationships in the workplace are becoming more and more common in our modern society. The majority of professionals, once they graduate from formal education, spend the bulk of their time at the office. We build a career with other people for years and maybe even decades..... Click here to continue reading.....


  1. Interesting article. I am however a bit old fashioned on this and will discourage workplace relationships...

  2. I'm with OtienoHongo on this, i've never been a fan of workplace relationships, however, it does work, cos I have two sisters who got married this way, however after marriage one spouse left the company (company policy)....There's no hard and fast rule really, but I sure agree with you on the tips given

  3. Anonymous2:14 pm

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  4. this is actually an interesting topic, i support Otieno... but again true love doesn't care about ur beliefs, it can b found anywhereanywhere


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