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Book Review: "Honour Among All" by Vivian Kay

Book Review: "Honour Among All" by Vivian Kay 

Genre: Contemporary Christian Fiction

Rating: 4 (out of 5) Stars

I read a copy of Vivian Kay's book, "Honour Among All" and I have to admit, it gave me a lot of food for thought. I had to read it one more time before I felt like I understood a lot of the complex issues the story was dealing with. It's a Christian fiction novella so it was written with Christian themes. The main premise of the book was about swinging (wife swapping) in the Christian community, but it was also much more than that. For me, one of the main issues was: how do we interpret God's word? Do we follow it to the letter, or do we twist it to fit our own agenda?

The story centres around Ladi and Moni, a Christian couple who have been married for about nineteen years, and they have a teenage daughter. As someone who is married myself, I dread that phase that is sometimes seen as inevitable in a marriage: when the excitement of the newly-wed stage goes away, when the couple are no longer spending time together, when pressures of career and raising children become the priority, when life gets in the way, etc and the whole thing fizzles out and starts to feel like a relationship of convenience rather than a fulfilling lifelong partnership. I get that, I really do. That keeps me on my toes because I never want to end up feeling like I lost the plot in my marriage. So I really empathise with Moni in this story. Her marriage is in trouble. Her husband had an affair. She's struggling to forgive him. Their anger and bitterness towards each other is affecting their daughter. There's no more trust, and pretty soon, other unresolved issues pile up until they are at breaking point.

Enter Ladi's friend, Debo who introduces him to swinging, promising him that it is fun, harmless and a marriage-saver. Apparently, swinging works for him and his wife, Adele. He convinces Ladi to give it a try. Ladi, who is desperate and bored, quickly agrees to it, but then straight-laced Moni (who only ever dated one guy her whole life) is reluctant and not easily convinced by it. Ladi practically had to manipulate and bully her into going along with the idea.

You'll have to read the book to find out how the story goes. But I have to say that I applaud Vivian Kay for bringing this issue up. I never knew it existed in Christian circles and I found it hard to believe that people could justify their lifestyles because apparently "God has more important things to worry about, than who we are sleeping with." Really?

I must also commend the author on the way she handled Moni's own issues, because she's not completely innocent either. Thankfully she had a wise mum that she could run to, who called her out and gave her advice when she needed help.

Vivian Kay handles all the different issues deftly and with maturity. The book is not longer than it needs to be, and the reader is reminded that all our actions have consequences, not just for us, but also for our loved ones. Highly recommended.

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Vivian Kay is a debut Christian author weaving stories in Canada's banana belt. When she is not writing or daydreaming about writing, she's cooking, playing scrabble or snuggling up with a good book. Vivian loves to hear from her readers so please stop by at or Facebook: or on Twitter:

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Interview with Vivian Kay, Author of "Honour Among All"

Interview with Vivian Kay, Author of "Honour Among All"
Hi folks! Today, I've got an interview with Vivian Kay, she's a Christian and a writer. She's written a book titled "Honour Among All" and I read it a couple of months ago. You know, just when you think you've heard it all, and nothing can surprise you any more, there comes a story like this. I was shocked that the premise of her story, even though it is fiction, is actually based on real-life. I'm going to do a review of the book very soon, but for now, meet the author:

Please tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a wife, mom and debut Christian author weaving stories in Canada’s banana belt. When I’m not writing or daydreaming about writing, I love to cook, play scrabble or snuggle up with a good book.

Your new book, "Honour Among All" is a Christian Fiction novella with a twist. What prompted you to write this story?
The prompt to write Honour Among All came in November 2013 after hearing a real-life story of Nigerian Christians involved in swinging (wife-swapping). My initial thoughts were that the practice was not wide-spread amongst Christians. After doing a search and finding a web site catering solely to Christian swingers, I knew I had to write the story.

My first reaction when I read the book was to drop my jaw in surprise. How did you create the characters and storyline?
I found a support website for Mormon couples who were ex-swingers. Reading their candid stories and visiting a couple of swinger chat rooms really helped with shaping the characters and storyline. Given that I wrote the first draft in a month and the book was completely written two months later, I also believe as a Christian writer, that I couldn’t have done it without God’s leading.

"Honour Among All" is Christian fiction. Do you see yourself as a 'genre specific' author? What attracted you to this genre?
I do see myself writing only Christian fiction. As a reader, I’ve always found books in the genre uplifting and life-transforming.

What was the most challenging aspect of writing this story?
The most challenging aspect of writing the story was the research. Visiting swinger chat rooms was not something I had ever imagined myself doing. But I wanted the story to be authentic.

Did you learn anything about yourself as you were writing "Honour Among All"?
I learnt how important it was to know the source of my convictions and the courage sometimes needed to stand by them.

What do you hope your readers will take away from reading this book?
In as much as I wanted "Honour Among All" to be entertaining, the core message is that of redemption and restoration through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Why do you think your book "Honour Among All" is relevant in this day and age?
Like I had mentioned earlier, swinging is a modern-day issue in the Church and my prayer as I wrote the book was for it to minister to the few or many looking for a way out.

As a writer, do you experience writer’s block?  If yes, how do you deal with it?
Yes, I do. I often step away from the work and find something else to do.

Which do you prefer, writing with a computer, a mobile phone or old fashioned pen and paper? 
Most of my writing is done on a computer. I do carry a notepad with me at all times.

Have you always enjoyed writing? Did you see yourself becoming a writer as a child?
Even though writing has been a big part of my life for many years, I didn’t see myself becoming a writer.

What’s the best perk of having published your novella? 
It’s reading the feedback from readers.

Did you experience any challenges with the writing and publishing process?
Due to the topic of the book, it was difficult to find beta readers and someone to edit the book. At one point, I had questioned if I was doing the right thing.

What influences your writing?
Stories I hear, books read and definitely scripture.

What was the last book you read?  
What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. I’m working on the sequel to Honour Among All and I needed to read a book where one of the characters suffered from amnesia as a result of an accident.

Who are your favourite authors and what books have spoken to you most? 
I love books by Francine Rivers. She was the first Christian author I read. Her book Redeeming Love is an all time favourite. I’ve also enjoyed books by Abimbola Dare and UnomaNwankwor.

E-books versus physical books. What's your preference?
Physical books have an advantage since I love their feel and smell.

What is next for you as a writer? 
I’m currently working on the sequel to Honour Among All.  It’s another novella titled Secret Things.It’s the story of Debo and Adele, two of the characters from Honour Among All.

What are your words of advice for aspiring writers? 
While learning the craft of writing is important, it’s also important to write those stories that engage both your head and your heart. Give readers characters who make them feel something.

Where would you want to be, ten years from now?
By His grace, alive, in good health while writing stories that bring joy to me and others.

Thank you for your time.
Thank you for the feature. And all the best in your writing journey, too.

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