Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Mini-Course for Aspiring Authors

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all doing great.

I've been working on a few projects for the coaching side of my business over at Accomplish Press. I put our research questions to my friends on Facebook and asked what kind of problems most new writers face, especially when it comes to writing a novel for the first time. Most people responded with things like: procrastination, self-doubt, not knowing where to begin, etc. I also asked what issues new writers who want to publish are facing. And with my own experience, I know that there are many questions and mistakes that new self-publishing authors go through, that need addressing.

So, with that information, I set out to create some solutions. I wrote an ebook titled "Ten Tips to Beat Procrastination for Writers" and a second one titled "15 Mistakes Self-Publishing Writers Make (And How to Avoid Them". Both ebooks are 0.99p each on Amazon, or you can get them both for free, if you sign up to my mailing list here.

But I'm really excited about my new mini-course that I've put together for aspiring authors, especially novelists. If you're a writer who wants to write a novel, but it seems like it's too overwhelming, or too daunting, then this course is perfect for you. It's called "5 Days to Kickstart Your Novel" and that's exactly what it will help you do.

I've structured the contents of the course to give you a step by step guide to laying the foundation for your novel so that you can start writing it in just 5 days! The course includes audio recordings and worksheets so that you can start taking action on what you're learning right away. If this sounds interesting to you so far, head over to the course page HERE to read more.

I'm also working to put my new 12-Week coaching programme together. It's going to be really great and packed with value for aspiring writers. I can't wait until it is ready to be unveiled to the world. Keep a look out for it.

As the year seems to be rushing to an end, I'm already in reflective mode. 2015 has definitely been an interesting year, and it has marked a turning point in my life in many ways. In January, I didn't know what to expect, I was just open to a new adventure and here I am, alive, happy, healthy and making progress with my work. I'm really grateful to God for making it happen.

What are you grateful for in 2015?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Boomerang" Short Film and other Updates

I've been trying to write this post for two months.

Every time I try to compose something, my head goes blank, and a million and one other things suddenly seem more interesting.

So let's just summarize the stories. I've been in Nigeria for four months. The year 2015 has already been interesting so far and my move back to Nigeria has gone better than I expected. Thankfully, we are settled in now, and we're all doing well. There are some things I've managed to adapt to, and some things I haven't adjusted to yet. Some things still make me pause, and reflect on the idea that I'm in a different place. Er, electricity supply and mosquitoes, anyone? Crazy impatient driving and traffic? I do have less culture shock now, sometimes I watch Nollywood movies to familiarise myself with the way most Nigerians think, and why we act the way we do. Once in a while, I still do mental currency conversions when I'm out shopping. I think I need to stop doing that cos it just makes me feel cheated a lot of the time. It's also been interesting watching my daughter adapt to living in Nigeria. She no longer cries when the electricity goes off, she just grumbles and moves on to something else. Hmmm.

On the other hand, there are some things I'm happy not to have to deal with. Going to my daughter's school now I'm not worried about the fact that she's a black child in a predominantly white school, and all the issues that could arise from that. I'm happy that there's no political correctness associated with her participation in normal activities because she is "different"due to the colour of her skin or her ethnic background.

We've just witnessed the general elections here in Nigeria, and after the months of build-up, I'm so glad they're over now. I couldn't vote or anything, so I just listened and observed. And boy! My eyes and ears are full. Well, we have a new president-elect and a new ruling party, so it will be up to them to fulfil the promise of "Change" that they chorused throughout their campaigns. I'll adopt a wait-and-see stance. Then we'll start the whole process again in about four years' time. What I would really like to see next time around, is a female presidential candidate that I can really believe in.

In other news, I've been keeping busy with church-hunting (still haven't found one to settle into), building a whole new social life (em...em..) and work! Yay for Accomplish Press and all my writing projects keeping me busy. We've just published a children's book,  "A Miracle for Daddy" by Sunny Jack Obande, (see the cover). It's a great book for 5 - 12 year-olds and it is available in both ebook and paperback formats. You can find out more about the book and purchase a copy from most online bookstores including Amazon.

I'll be publishing my second collection of flash fiction stories very soon and I'm really excited about it. It will include some of my favourite stories as well as some new, exclusive ones. Sign up here to be the first to know when it's out and win a free copy!  (I won't send you spam, I promise!)

So that's all for now folks! Oh and before I forget, guess what? Three of my previous flash fiction stories were adapted into a short film! Yay! It was a really nice surprise when the producer, Henry Eruotor sent me an email to say what he was doing. The full feature is out now, and you can watch it here:


I would love to read your comments on the film.

Thanks again for dropping by, and God bless!