Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Nothing Comes Close" named among Africa Book Club 2012 Books of the Year!

"Nothing Comes Close" makes the list of Africa Book Club 2012 Books of the Year! Woo-hoo! I'm in really good company!

It's amazing to think my book has been featured on a list of best books of 2012. The list was compiled by the editors and reviewers of the Africa Book Club.

Daniel Musiitwa, the managing editor, said "Our 2012 list includes the top picks from our team of reviewers, that is, books they read and recommended as deserving to be on the list. We also scoured the continent (and, of course, the Internet) to find books about Africa or by African authors that generated the most buzz, received literary awards, or made the bestseller lists."

Nothing Comes Close was featured in the fiction category, alongside other exciting books such as: The Spider King’s Daughter (by Chibundu Onuzo), Daughters Who Walk This Path (by Yejide Kilanko), On Black Sisters Street (by Chika Unigwe) and No Time Like the Present (by Nadine Gordimer).

According to the reviewer, Dianah Ninsiima, "Nothing Comes Close" makes for a refreshing read – certainly a departure from other African stories that mostly center on the continent’s instabilities."

You can read the full list here:

(You really don't need further convincing, so here's the link to buy the book ~ Nothing Comes Close: Paperback: Amazon UK) Thanks!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

AdeOla (Jostwrite) reviews "Nothing Comes Close"

Hello everyone! Hope you've had a great time at Christmas and you're looking forward to a wonderful 2013. Isn't is remarkable how quickly 2012 seemed to fly past?

I'm pleased to say that Nothing Comes Close got another great review from the wonderful AdeOla of Jostwrite! She had been one of my beta-readers with earlier drafts and her feedback was very helpful. I'm pleased that she enjoyed reading the final version of the story.

"When drama stalks the man you love, it is important to evaluate what you want...him or a drama-less life. Beautiful, sassy and independent Lola had to make that decision about her relationship with handsome and mysterious Wole in Tolulope Popoola's debut novel, Nothing Comes Close. For a romance novel, the twist and suspense embedded in the pages made it all the more delightful." ~ AdeOla

Read the rest of the review HERE and leave a comment!

(As if you need further convincing, but here's the link to buy the book ~ Nothing Comes Close: Paperback: Amazon UK) Thanks!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Book Review and Interview with.... Mary Okeke

Hi folks! I'm glad to have received another great review and interview by the lovely Mary of Mary Okeke Reviews:

Read her review of "Nothing Comes Close" here:
"Tolulope's way of writing is simple, straightforward, engaging and, hence, it's an uncomplicated read. The description of the characters are so genuine that I felt connected to them. Besides, this novel is not just about a simple love story per se, it is a story full of intrigue that evolves in an enjoyable manner, and kept me on the edge of my seat."

And read my interview here:

Thanks a lot Mary!

Please stop by to read and comment.

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Book Review and Interview with.... Bookshy

Hi folks! It's almost the end of 2012 and I'm having a good week :)

The lovely blogger, Bookshy wrote a great review of "Nothing Comes Close:

"Nothing Comes Close was a very enjoyable debut novel, made even better with its relatable characters and unpredictability. Just like some movies, where you have to stay until after the credits, if you think you're done reading Nothing Comes Close, there's more." ~ Bookshy

And she also interviewed me for her "Meet..." series here:

Thanks Bookshy!

Do stop by to read and comment (and buy a copy of the book too! Nothing Comes Close: Paperback: Amazon UK)

Friday, December 14, 2012

I Got Recognised by Women in Publishing!

Last week, I got an email, informing me that Accomplish Press (and me, Tolulope Popoola) has been shortlisted for the prestigious Women in Publishing New Venture award! I was so excited, because a friend nominated me, but I didn't even take it seriously. So imagine my surprise when I was invited to the awards ceremony!

The award ceremony was held on the 12th of December 2012 at the Women’s University Club in Mayfair, a beautiful and cosy venue with a lot of history, heritage, and lovely art collection. I almost didn't make it because I couldn't arrange childcare at the last minute, but when I called the organiser, she said she didn't mind if I came with my little one. So off I went to the ceremony, baby in tow. It was great though, everyone welcomed her and she got on well with all the guests. One of the speakers, who is also a member of the Women in Publishing Committee suggested I should come and give a talk at their next meeting. The topic? How to Balance Children and Careers! Lovely stuff.

After the speeches, the award announcements were made. First for the Pandora Award, which recognises a “woman who has made a significant and sustained contribution to the publishing industry” and this year the runner up was Sam Missingham, The Bookseller’s head of marketing and events and the co-founder of Futurebook. The winner was Marjorie Scardino, the CEO of Pearson, who has been in the role for fifteen years.

Then it was time for the New Venture Award! This award aims to recognise “a woman who has done pioneering work on behalf of under-represented groups in society”. Claire Pimm, the co-ordinator of the event and a committee member for Women in Publishing, said they were really impressed by the quality of candidates for the award this year, so they included a “Special Recommendation” category to recognise a third woman. And the awards went to:

Special Commendation: Rivkie Baum, founder and publisher of SLiNK magazine, featuring plus size models

New Venture Awards Runner Up: Tolulope Popoola, founder of Accomplish Press (yay!)

New Venture Awards Winner: Caroline Taylor, founder and editor for 91 Magazine

I'm delighted to be recognised by such a great organisation of inspiring and creative women, and I'm really grateful for the honour. When my name was called, I had to go up to give a speech and collect my award certificate. I was a bit nervous but I managed to get through it with a smile.

(Here's a photo of the New Venture Award recipients courtesy of Maia Walczak)

It’s such a lovely recognition and a great way to round up my first year since I ventured into publishing. Here's to even more achievements, and more exciting things to come in 2013!

Other Links to the Awards news:

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Book Launch: Update and Photos

So it was the 1st of December 2012, and the date for the launch party for "Nothing Comes Close". I was excited cos I'd planned most of the details myself and I was looking forward to it, hoping everything would go well. I prayed for good weather (very important in London), and I was hoping there wouldn't be major issues with transport or parking for my guests. I was also nervous because I had to read an excerpt of the book and I've never done a public reading before!

The venue was the Vortex Jazz Club, a nice cosy space with great, helpful staff. They kindly set up the space, the projector so that we could show the book trailer and manned the bar so we could have drinks :)

After waiting a bit for the venue to fill up, we started the event by showing the book trailer:

And then it was time for me to do a reading:

Afterwards, I was interviewed by the lovely Abidemi Sanusi (so excited she came to my book launch!)

Next there was a Q&A session with the audience. Lots of people asked thoughtful questions about my choice of genre, if I intend to write a sequel, if I would like my stories translated onto the big screen, etc. There were also questions about the publishing side of things, and if I intend to take on other writers as time goes on. Then my dad (yes, he came from Nigeria to attend my book launch!) totally hijacked the rest of the session and chatted for ages about how I got my writing skills from him because he studied English at university, how he's been friends with me since day one, why I should work faster on my next book, etc etc.

Moving on, there was a book presentation, and then it was time for book signing and refreshments!

Mini-book cupcakes anyone?

The cupcakes were so cute! Very tasty too, all courtesy of Deluxury Cupcakes

Then we had the the raffle giveaway! Some of the gifts and prizes included two special goody bags, jewelled scented soaps, umbrellas, handmade chocolates, wine and Amazon gift cards. Congratulations to the guests who won something!

Signing copies :)

 Posing with my very good friend, Sefa.

 A very special someone wanted his own copy signed too :)

(Blogger is taking ages to upload the photos, there are more on my Facebook  page)

I just want to say a very big thank you to everyone who pitched in to help with the event, to the guests and friends who came, the venue staff, everyone who sent me congratulatory messages, and to you all who have been a big part of my writing journey since way back in 2008! I really appreciate your kindness and your support.

Two other lovely bloggers have posted their summaries of my book launch. Drop by to read their views and say hello:

Bookshy: An African Book Lover - Book Launch
Fairy God Sister - Nothing Comes Close

That's how it went! Thank God for everything :)

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Adura Ojo reviews "Nothing Comes Close"

Hello everyone,

It's a few days after the book launch and I'm exhausted, but happy! I'm really grateful to all the folks that came out to support me on a freezing Saturday afternoon. The event went very well and I had a great time. I'll put up the photos and a full break-down of the programme in a few days.

For now, I'm pleased to say that Nothing Comes Close got a great review from the wonderful Adura Ojo! I'm glad she enjoyed reading the story and I hope to learn from the few weaknesses she pointed out:

"No woman likes nasty surprises in a relationship, particularly when it is her heart on the line. So it is plausible that the reader feels the jolt of every twist and turn in the journey of these two lovers as they learn to put their trust in no one else but each other." ~ Adura Ojo

Read the rest of the review HERE and leave a comment!