Wednesday, March 03, 2010

On Life: Books Books Books!

This might sound kinda sad, but I'm so excited because I've just bought some books! Lol, I love reading, and now that I'm a writer it's become part of my job to read. My book shelf is now groaning under the weight of stuff, but that won't make me stop buying books! I've been eyeing so many books for a while, my Amazon wish-list has been calling my name, so I just decided to go ahead and treat myself this month.

I bought:

Blonde Roots by Bernardine Evaristo

On Black Sisters' Street by Chika Unigwe

I Do Not Come to You by Chance by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

In Dependence by Sarah Ladipo Manyika

And finally: In My Dreams It Was Simpler

 (Yep, I bought a copy of our own book! It's for research purposes, lol)

I can't wait for all of them to arrive in the post! I'm eager to bury my head in crisp pages of literature... transporting me to places far away... introducing me to new people... bliss...

I think I'm sorted for the next month or so, but knowing me, I might just buy a few more sooner!

PS: Check out my interview on The Bookaholic Blog! (better late than never)

Enjoy the rest of your week!



  1. Yay first! LOL. Yah Kite Runner was one of the books for the incoming freshmen to read (its a tradition thing at my school) this year or maybe last year. I heard it was good! Have fun reading them. And let us know the reviews :)

  2. Some fine books, I have all of them and got them for free :-)...Enjoy reading

  3. That's a nice collection, I have a couple of them including your series book (very nice). I should give Hosseni a chance, not read any of his two books.

  4. Believer8:27 pm

    Nice collection, just read Chika's book, great and I lurve Khaled Hosseni! He just brings Afghanistan to life for you. Happy reading!

  5. Sounds good....plz let us know how they are...i'm looking for new books to read!

  6. Help!!!! I have been blocked from your other blog "in my dreams it was simpler" and I am so addicted to the blog and faithfully comment. What do I do?

  7. @FG: Nice collection.
    @Belinda: For free?? Show me the way o.
    @MPB: I hear the issue would be resolved soon. We've all missed the story.

  8. I love that you bought your own book! :)

  9. please add me to the list on ur my dreams it was simlper

  10. Oh!! you should totally read Hosseini's A thousand splendid suns. fantastic is a gross understatement!

  11. Oh god !! Bookish moments !!

    You Favoured Girl n Tolulope Popoola is same, wright ?

    feeling great viewing your blog. Keep it up.

  12. Oh my The Kite Runner! you are going to Love it! Sad But GREAT! I must say I have not heard of the rest of them but that list looks like a good one :)

  13. Finally bought In Dependence and The series book :)

    Great list - I should add..

  14. You are too funny! Bought your own book for research purposes. I like. =)

    That entire book list looks good, you must share your thoughts on the books, including yours, of course.

  15. Thanks for the comments friends!

    @Jotare: Yes, Favoured Girl and Tolulope Popoola are the same person :)

    @Bagucci: Thank you! Hope you enjoy reading both books :)


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