Friday, January 15, 2010

The Series - In My Dreams It Was Simpler


Six intelligent and vivacious ladies - Lola, Funmi, Titi, Dolapo, Temmy and Maureen are a tight group of friends. They have been through many ups and downs together, from their pre-university days to the present time as young career women. They constantly have to deal with the measures of success - striking the perfect balance in all aspects of their lives - careers, relationships, cultural expectations, friendships, moral dilemmas and the demands of "having it all".

Then there are the men: Tade - a guy from Temmy's recent past who is now stalking her, Dayo - who Titi is initially reluctant to introduce to her friends because of his age, and Wole who appears to tick all the boxes that Lola is looking for but has a shady past she wants to uncover by all means. They are thrown together in a series of intriguing events and twists, their dreams are shattered, and loyalties are tested to breaking point. Against all odds, the six friends have tried their best to stay afloat, but they don't know what the future holds...

Want to find out more? How will they deal with the situations they face? Will they pull through and become stronger? Or will they become victims of circumstances they cannot control?

Find out more about the series by clicking here: In My Dreams It Was Simpler


  1. oh wow! I'm excited!!!!! can't wait..well done to you, this sounds like a great piece of work.

  2. Anonymous7:38 am

    Although I am a romance novel lover, your novel's synopsis sounds really good. I definitely will get a copy once it comes out. Can't wait to read it.

    Lara D.

  3. Looking forward to joining the dots. It was a great series...

  4. ... definitely coming back to read.

    nice blog!

  5. This will be great to read! i am still in London till March 2010. You can email me at

    Let's hook up if we can! Happy new yr!

  6. Anonymous2:09 pm

    sounds interesting


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