Friday, January 30, 2009

On Life: 10 Things About Me

Overwhelmed tagged me in this meme, so I thought I should put up this post:

So here are 10 things about me. I don't think I am particularly weird. Even if you think I am weird, I'll call it being special. He he he.

1) I process information for days and weeks. For example, I could watch a movie on Monday, and still be analysing every scene a week later. Or I could read a book and still be thinking of an alternative ending to the story 2 months after I read it. Or ruminating over some gist my friend told me a week later.

2) I'm such a keeper. I hold on to emails, letters, text messages and birthday cards for as long as possible. I still have letters my friends wrote to me when we were in secondary school. And I still have my 13th birthday cards. And my diaries from 1998. Hubby recently tried to get me to throw some things away but I wasn't having it.

3) It just dawned on me recently that the world existed long before I was born. I know that sounds daft, but it was such a profound revelation to me.

4) I would rather spend my money on experiences like travelling, enjoying good food and wine, going to see plays and shows, visiting museums and art galleries, having massages, etc than buying stuff. I think life is for living to the fullest, not for accumulating material things that only depreciate.

5) But if I must spend money on buying things for myself, well........ I prefer to spend my money on expensive creams, lotions, potions and make up. Most of my friends prefer to spend money on clothes, shoes and accesories. I get bored with clothes easily. After all, fashion changes every season.

6) I like laughing. People who know me say I laugh a lot. I can't help it, maybe I just find lots of things funny.

7) I can hear a song twice and learn all the lyrics off by heart. Sometimes this is good, because my family and friends are soooo impressed when I know the latest songs off by heart already. Sometimes it is annoying because I pick up songs that I don't even want to.

8) I was a virgin until my wedding night. Not because I didn't have any offers (lol), but I made a conscious decision to wait when I was 13. It was hard, but sooo worth it!

9) I try to avoid getting addicted to anything. When I realise I have started liking something too much, I stop doing it immediately. This applies to everything except chocolates.

10) Following on from point 9 above... I have a terrible sweet tooth. But I don't like some things. I don't like biscuits, cookies, and things like that. But things like ice-cream, chocolates, yoghurt hmmmm.... Never put me and cake in the same room.

Hey this was fun! Maybe I'll do it again somethime....


  1. That's so cool, "U were a virgin till ur wedding nite." I'm sure it was hard, but it's do-able that's for sure. Blog on sistuh.

  2. lmao@ruminating on gist.. ur so jokes.. funny enough I do this too.. especially with great books or movies i think of who they could've cast to make it better or what a character should've done instead to make stuff more interesting... lol.. I think Nollywood might have a place for me sha... me i'm greedy oh.. ill enjoy the trip to paris and the trip to the dress-stores in paris.. lol... i'm exactly like that with songs.. i end up singing songs that i absolutely detest.. but just picked up 'cos my brain can'!.. so annoying sometimes... lol.. you're a blog addict.. hope ya dont stop!!!aww@the virgin stuff.. is it too late for me?!?! lol

  3. Anonymous5:17 pm

    I wasn't a virgin on my wedding night but my husband was...and he's a hunk and had lots of girls tripping for him...he also made a concious decision pretty young to save it for his wife and I really felt special to be THE's been 3 years of blissful discovery ever since.

  4. I like your theory on spending money on experiences rather than material things but I love clothes way too much! However I do keep my clothes for a really long time and I'll go without shopping for a while to save up for a great trip!

    I can't believe you don't like biscuits and cookies, I don't think you deserve the label of 'sweet tooth' because those of us who really have a sweet tooth like everything with sugar in it! Actually, I'm not a big fan of sweets so maybe I should shut up!

    Great post, its a really cool meme because it reveals things about people that they might not normally blog about!

  5. Ok, ur not really weird, lol
    Love that u waited till ur wedding nite, very rare these days.
    I love spending money on seeing places than clothes definitely!

  6. You are not weird at all.

    Good you kept your chastity(that is my mama's fav word).

    Why can't you stop your addiction to chocs, meanwhile you are meant to hook a single up.

  7. @Bijouxoxo: Thanks for the comment! Yes it was really hard, trying to keep my hormones in check, but we thank God!

    @Overwhelemed: LOL, I think I'm becoming a blog addict after all! LOL at being greedy. I love shopping too,it's just that I can't spend £4000 on a handbag for example, when I could do so much more with that amount. On being a virgin, it is not too late:-)

    @Anonymous: Awww, that's a really sweet story. That's one reason why I wanted to wait too, so that it would be a special gift that my hubby will always appreciate.

  8. @Vickii: I like clothes too, I just think I enjoy other experiences more. I do have a weakness when it comes to cakes, chocolates and ice-creams....

    @ Biodun, Temmytayo & Belle: It's great to know I'm not that wierd! Or maybe I haven't told you really crazy things....
    I can honestly say that I didn't stay a virgin on willpower alone, it took prayer and cooperation from the man as well. But I gained a lot, and I can encourage my friends too.

  9. Anonymous9:35 am

    lol@It just dawned on me recently that the world existed long before I was born. I know that sounds daft, but it was such a profound revelation to me.
    Wat did u think before?
    I love going to places and buying things from those places.

    I totally agree with u, deciding to stay a virgin till u get marriage requires a lot of will power and prayers.
    so u laugh with ur self....hmm thats scary(lol). ok i don't laugh but i smile with myself too.

  10. lol, nice nice. finding out more about you :)

  11. There's nothing weird about you that I see on this list. Thoroughly enjoyed the post.

  12. somethin weird, i just read through all ur entries on all ur blogs, very interesting and its 3am here, keep writing pls
    and im so lookin forward to gettin married, u like inspire me and i know its not all fun but .......

  13. Anonymous2:19 pm

    You are not weird, We have almost the same traits, at least in no. 4 & 5, 6 and 9, well except that I dont like chocolates.. now I know I am weird..

    Oh since I can make comments now, I'll be sure to visit your blog from time to time..:)

  14. @Angie: I guess I just find too many things funny!

    @Lummie: Cool eh? I'm finding out more about myself too :-)

    @Life of a stranger: Thank you! I'm glad somebody thinks I'm not weird!

    @Bhookey84: Thanks! I'm glad you find my blogs inspiring. I'm really touched.

    @Lee: Thanks for dropping by! How can you not like chocolate??? Now that's weird!

  15. 'm fascinated, u're a virgin till that nite? That's really great, u know why? 'cos, 'tis one thing once u give, u can't have it back. Also, i think it defines ur honour (lol, not to say those who ain't haven't got honour). But, 'twas cool.


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