Monday, April 19, 2010

Poem - All That She Is

When you marry a woman
You marry the little girl she used to be
The girl with a sense of fun
The girl with a penchant for mischief
The little girl who had dreams of Prince Charming
The little girl who had no restrictions in her imagination
The girl whose love was pure and innocent
The girl whose eyes sparkled like stars
The girl who played with her mum’s make up and trinkets
The girl who couldn’t wait to grow older
Whose cute dimples, belied the confidence beneath the exterior

When you marry a woman
You marry the teenager she used to be
The one who was curious about life and everything
The one who formed her opinions, and changed them again
The one who wrestled with expectations and priorities
The one who tested the boundaries
The one who struggled and started making mistakes
As she started discovering who she really was
Physically, mentally, emotionally and socially
While trying to balance what others expected her to be.

When you marry a woman
You marry her in the prime of her youth
When her beauty is radiant
When her curves are supple and appealing
And she bears your children
You marry a woman with strengths and weaknesses
You marry a friend who has your back
You marry someone who will build with you
With her strength and courage
You marry someone who is increasingly confident about her abilities
Even as she worries whether she is doing a good job
Being a wife, mother, daughter and friend

When you marry a woman
You marry the person she will become
In her later years, her lessons learnt
Even though her outward beauty will fade
But her inner spirit remains radiant
Maturing everyday like fine wine
She has gathered experience over the years
She has learnt to temper her words with wisdom
She has learnt to take the thorns with the roses
She has learnt to pick her battles
And she has rearranged her priorities

When you marry a woman
You discover more about her everyday
Because she is always evolving
Time passes, and the seasons change
But you will always learn something new about her
She will never stop amazing you
She is woman

(c) Tolulope Popoola

Published on Femme Lounge


  1. I love it!!! When you marry a woman, you marry ALL of her.

  2. Really lovely...More men need to know this, that when you marry a woman you cannot choose the parts of her to take along...Its a whole package.

    Nicely written. Welldone!

  3. this is lovely... maybe be quoting this somewhere... w/your permission of course...

  4. This is beautiful! Simple, to the point and true.

  5. Wow! Nice piece.I'm proud to be a woman.

    1. this poem brought me to ur are one talented lady

  6. What a talented woman we have out there...


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