Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Book Giveaway for November!

My writer friends and I are pleased to present the Naija Sister Writers Giveaway! One very blessed reader will be able to win not one, but four great books written by four Nigerian female writers.

1) An Unexpected Blessing by Unoma Nwankwor
2) Daughters Who Walk This Path by Yejide Kilanko
3) The Small Print by Abimbola Dare
4) Nothing Comes Close by Tolulope Popoola

 All the books are paperbacks (not e-books) signed by the authors and they will be shipped to you directly! If this sounds too-good-to-miss (because it is), then read on, and click to enter the contest!

Terms and Conditions

  • The contest is open to all regardless of country of residence, throughout the month of November 2013.
  • Please note that contestants are required to complete all steps in this giveaway.
  • By entering this giveaway, contestants agree to abide by the picture requirement.
  • Completing each step earns contestants ten points:
  • Please follow the authors on Twitter. Twitter handles are: @YejideKilanko, @TolulopePopoola, @bimbylads, @unwankwor
  • Please tweet about the giveaway or share the link on Facebook
  • Please note that the winner will be required to send a picture of the gift package when received. By submitting your picture to the NAIJA SISTER WRITERS giveaway, you agree to allow your image to be used for marketing purposes by the contest sponsors.
  • Please enter using the entry box at the bottom of the page.

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Thank you for entering the competition and all the best!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Flash Fiction - Old Flames

“I would like you to meet my fiancée, Gbemi.” Tony said by way of introduction. I had seen the lady when she walked into the hall on his arm. 

I smiled at her as I took the hand she offered. 

“Hello Gbemi. It’s lovely to meet you,” I said. 

“Same here,” she replied, also smiling. She was very beautiful, tall and slim, with an oval face and high cheekbones. “Tony has told me so much about you.” 

Has he now? I wondered, my heart beating faster. Did he tell her the whole truth about us? Our complicated history… 

I realised she was still talking. “Sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk at the engagement party, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing you at the wedding.” 

“Unfortunately, I can’t attend.” I said. “I’m relocating to South Africa in a few days’ time.” 

Tony’s face fell. “Really? For how long?” 

“I’ll be there for a year, at least.” I replied, fidgeting with my necklace. 

“Oh that’s a shame. I was hoping we could catch up afterwards, you know… all three of us… it will be just like old times…” 

This guy could not be serious. 

I cut him short, laughing nervously. “Noooo, that won’t be necessary. You’ll be newly-weds, I’m sure you won’t want a third wheel coming along.” 

Gbemi was about to say something when I spotted my date coming towards us with my drink. I seized my chance to escape. Intense memories were about to suffocate me. 

“I have to go now, congrats again on your upcoming marriage. I hope you have lots of beautiful kids!” 

I smiled at both of them and walked away quickly, hoping I sounded more confident than I felt. 

I put thoughts of Tony out of my head and moved on with my life. I told myself that I should be happy that he was getting married. After all, I was the one that broke up with him when things were getting too serious. 

I finalised my plans, travelled to South Africa, and buried myself in my work. Then, four months later I got his email saying his wedding had been cancelled.

(c) Tolulope Popoola 2013