Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Short Story - Aftermath

"Honey, let’s call your parents."
I looked into his eyes and smiled at my husband of forty-five hours. "No, not yet."
“Why not?”
“They will surely kill me this time."
“No point delaying the inevitable,” he laughed. "I'm sure they already know their daughter is one crazy chick."
I pulled myself up from my beach towel. “It might have occurred to them that I’m not like my siblings, but I don’t think my mother ever imagined that I would pull a stunt like this.”
“Eloping? That was the best thing I’ve ever done,” he said, running his fingers down my arm.
“Same here. But I’ve deprived my mother of a chance to shine and wear aso-ebi with her friends so she will never forgive me.”