My Bucket List - Things I want to do before I'm old (I'll decide how old "old is!)

1. Take up baking

2. Broaden my cooking skills

3. Build a library of fiction books in Nigeria

4. Climb a mountain or two

5. Do a Masters in Creative Writing

6. Get a professional style and make up consultation

7. Go diving

8. Go horse riding

9. Go on a cruise (not just once!)

10. Go on a hot-air balloon ride

11. Learn a foreign language – French, Spanish or Italian

12. Ride an elephant

13. Ride a camel

14. Run a marathon

15. See the Lion King on stage

16. Sew myself an outfit from scratch

17. Sponsor a child’s education

18. Start saving for retirement

19. Swim with dolphins

20. Take a dance class

 21. Take up painting

22. Try skiing

23. Visit Australia

24. Visit Brazil

25. Visit China

26. Visit Dubai

27. Visit Egypt

28. Visit Malaysia

29. Visit India

30. Visit Jamaica

31. Visit Kenya

32. Visit Las Vegas

33. Visit Morocco

34. Visit Singapore

35. Visit Switzerland

36. Visit Thailand

37. Visit the Bahamas

... and lots more!


  1. My dear Tolu,

    Nice bucket list you have, We have some in common.Can hook you up on some. You know where to find me.



  2. I must update my own bucket list. We could encourage each other on some of the common ones like going on lots of cruises. Yes, I like that one!

  3. I'm so inspired by this your list. I have like 20' traditional items' on my list and had always felt great with them until am seeing this now. Please Tolulope, I have to upgrade!


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