Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Human

I'm Human

If you pinch me, I will react
If you annoy me, I will get angry
If you hurt me, I will cry
If you cut me, I will bleed
After all, I'm only human.

I try to be a better person everyday
Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard
Sometimes I get it right
Sometimes I get it wrong
But it's okay because,
After all, I'm only human

I make mistakes, I have my flaws
I'm not perfect, I'm not pristine
I'm not a robot or a machine
I have emotions that I express
And that's perfectly fine,
Because I'm only human

I'm not an angel, I'm not God
I get tired and irritable
I have moments of strengths
But also moments of weakness
I cannot see the future
I cannot promise not to fail
After all, I'm only human

I will fall, but I will rise
I will do my best once again
I will admit when I'm wrong
I will say sorry when I offend
But this I know for sure
I am only human

(c) FG


  1. Simple but soooo on point.

    reminds me of something a friend says all the time..."the best a human can be is a human"

    Me like!

  2. Yes, i am human...
    Love this

  3. Love the new site, very refreshing...I will be back. Stay blessed.

  4. Love the poem!!! Yup...we're only human indeed!

  5. I absolutely love the 3rd stanza... "I make mistakes... I have emotions that I express..." Story of my life lol.

  6. Human, aren't we all? Nice one.

  7. 'I cannot see the future'
    if you pray in tongues, you can have access into the mind of God and see things that have not happened yet!

    yes i agree that we are human but i also know that we can be supernatural when we are conscious of the recreated spirit that God put in us... (That is when you have received the salvation that Jesus paid for)

  8. True!
    "I will fall, but I will rise"
    I cannot promise not to fail.....

    I like this
    Nice one!

  9. I love this..simple superficially, sincere and real.

  10. please how do i get invited to read the story' in my dreams it was simpler

  11. Very true. It's human to err.

  12. Something everyone should know!!!

  13. so real. thank you


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