Friday, February 08, 2013

Nothing Comes Close - Valentine Giveaways

As it's a week to Valentine's day, I'm doing a few giveaways of my novel, Nothing Comes Close!

You can enter any of the three below:

Blog Giveaway: For your chance to win a copy, just leave a comment below, telling me about your best ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day! Let me know if you want the paperback or ebook.

There's also a giveaway happeneing on Kentake Page, and you can take part by clicking here:

Thanks for entering and all the best!


  1. Anonymous10:35 am

    My best idea to celebrate Valentine's.....after work, will be cuddling away with chinese takeaway and a movie with the Mr.

    If I happen to win the giveaway, paperback please

  2. Well Val's day falls on the same day with the monthly poetry reading I attend so I'll be reading something on love and invite a few friends.

    After that, I'll take myself out to get my favourite Shawarma and ice-cream in the neighbourhood. Then before I sleep, will crown it with 1 Cor 13 to better understand the real meaning of love.

  3. My best idea is being served breakfast in bed, receiving a lovely bouquet of a dozen red roses with chocolate. YUM!!! Spend the day prepping myself for the evening - manicure, pedicure and all the good cures!! Then going out for a romantic dinner in a restaurant with a view of the water. Then come home and soak in bath, which has been run for me, tea light candles all round, nice music playing. Then a nice hot chocolate drink before sliding into my comfortable bed.

    And if I win the give-away - paperback please.

  4. My giveaways have ended! Thanks to you guys for entering. It was really hard to pick one winner since you all gave excellent responses! So I'm going to use a random number generator.


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