Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On Life: I Need a Wife

Yes I'm female and I'm married to a guy, excuse the tongue-in-cheek title. I've got so many things going on in my mind and I couldn't decide what to talk about. So I just decided to write whatever popped into my head today.

One day I popped into my local WHSmith and picked up a writers magazine. In it there was an article talking about how writers face time management issues with structuring their work around other daily activities, especially if they are full time writers and don't have the structure of the 9 - 5 routine. The article included a survey of writers, a mixture of both men and women, and the responses they gave. The majority of the male writers said that they had no time management problems as such, they just got up from bed in the morning, had breakfast and then went to their study to get on with work. The female writers seemed to have a more complicated day however. One of them said she has to get up, make breakfast for everyone, get the kids bathed, dressed and ready for school, go and drop the kids off, come back home, clear away the breakfast plates, do the washing up, sort out the laundry, and plan what to cook for lunch before she starts her writing for the day. She might need to also do some shopping to stock up the fridge. In the afternoon, she has to prepare lunch, pick the kids up from school, feed them, supervise them and play with them, or find something to engage them while she works. When dinner time comes around, she has to cook for the family and clear up before returning to her work. It's much harder for a female to work from home where there are a myriad of tasks that keep distracting her from her work.

The writer of the article commented that it must be nice to be a man and have a woman in your life to do all the domestic stuff for you while you just get on with your job. Somebody has to look after the home whether one or both parties are working. Nowadays there are some men who don't mind helping the woman out in the home sometimes, but it's still not automatically a shared responsibility. That got me daydreaming about how nice it must be to have someone who looks after me while I spend hours in my study writing.

(Daydreaming) I would like to wake up in the morning and my breakfast is ready for me on the table. My study has been cleaned, my clothes are washed, ironed and ready for me to wear to work. After breakfast I disappear into my study to write for hours on end and I don't come out until lunch time. When I finish working for the day, my dinner is on the table and I can just relax and watch TV. The children are tucked into bed and I go to wish them goodnight. My own bed is neatly laid when I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning, the cycle continues. (End of daydream).


  1. First!!!!(I couldn't resist!) Lol! I wouldn't mind a wife as well escpecially at the weekends! Have a blessed week. How's the writing coming?

  2. I am looking for a wify...God de!lol

  3. God bless women- wives, mothers, women sha generally. i wonder what the world would be without us women..i cant imagine.

  4. Hmm...can you imagine the year of unpaid labour women undertake? Anyway gurl wake up from your day aint happening.

    And I tot I was a budding writer...I've never even bought a writers magazinne, lol!

  5. The thought of having a wife does sound really, really good. No lies.

  6. Yes, having a wife would be fab and I'm still single!!Just need someone to take care of home so I can carry with work,school and writing..wouldnt it be fab to have a wife!!

  7. I missed this blog entry somehow.

    It would be so nice to have someone look after all those other things that need to get done.

    I guess with reality comes fact that organization is the key to getting it done or getting almost everything done!). I'm thinking that perhaps when you're published and working on your second of a five book deal(!!!) you won't mind hiring someone to come in and do the heavy cleaning every week or two weeks! :)

  8. @Believer: It really sounds tempting doesn't it? Thanks dearie, my writing is going well.

    @Yankeenaijachic: LOL, wait till you become one.

    @Aloted: Abi o, where would the world be without us!

    @Parakeet: Awww, I was enjoying that daydream! Buying a writers mag is no biggie, but they are fun to read sha.

    @Vera: Hmmm, Vera I can imagine the crazy thoughts going through your mind right now....

    @Shonavixen: It would be fab won't it! I guess that's what men enjoy...

    @GNG: That's the plan my dear! Become successful, and pay someone else to do the jobs I don't want. LOL, not really actually I like keeping my home myself.


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