Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Mini-Course for Aspiring Authors

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all doing great.

I've been working on a few projects for the coaching side of my business over at Accomplish Press. I put our research questions to my friends on Facebook and asked what kind of problems most new writers face, especially when it comes to writing a novel for the first time. Most people responded with things like: procrastination, self-doubt, not knowing where to begin, etc. I also asked what issues new writers who want to publish are facing. And with my own experience, I know that there are many questions and mistakes that new self-publishing authors go through, that need addressing.

So, with that information, I set out to create some solutions. I wrote an ebook titled "Ten Tips to Beat Procrastination for Writers" and a second one titled "15 Mistakes Self-Publishing Writers Make (And How to Avoid Them". Both ebooks are 0.99p each on Amazon, or you can get them both for free, if you sign up to my mailing list here.

But I'm really excited about my new mini-course that I've put together for aspiring authors, especially novelists. If you're a writer who wants to write a novel, but it seems like it's too overwhelming, or too daunting, then this course is perfect for you. It's called "5 Days to Kickstart Your Novel" and that's exactly what it will help you do.

I've structured the contents of the course to give you a step by step guide to laying the foundation for your novel so that you can start writing it in just 5 days! The course includes audio recordings and worksheets so that you can start taking action on what you're learning right away. If this sounds interesting to you so far, head over to the course page HERE to read more.

I'm also working to put my new 12-Week coaching programme together. It's going to be really great and packed with value for aspiring writers. I can't wait until it is ready to be unveiled to the world. Keep a look out for it.

As the year seems to be rushing to an end, I'm already in reflective mode. 2015 has definitely been an interesting year, and it has marked a turning point in my life in many ways. In January, I didn't know what to expect, I was just open to a new adventure and here I am, alive, happy, healthy and making progress with my work. I'm really grateful to God for making it happen.

What are you grateful for in 2015?

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